The eXp Realty Model

A company built by Realtors for Realtors.

An Introduction Video to eXp Realty

Joining eXp Realty is EASY!

Joining is quick and simple. Here is what we offer all our agents!

The Commission Split:

Agent Keeps 80% & eXp Realty 20%

The CAP:

$16,000 no transaction fees

After CAP:

100% Commission

$285 transaction fee

Icon Agent:

+20 Transactions

(capped at $5,700)

100% Commission

$75 per transaction

Up to $16,000 in EXPI Stock!*

Flat Monthly Fees $139/month:

$99 Tech Fee + $40 Exp University Fee

$0 Royalty Fee/Desk Fee. No hidden charges

$29 Broker Fee per transaction

What is included?

  • KvCore
  • Health Benefits
  • SkySlope
  • Authentisign/Transaction Desk
  • Showingtime/Broker Bay
  • Telelisting/Do Not Call Database

World Class Company with eXplosive growth

Agent count rockets to more than 50,000+ agents across the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and 13 countries worldwide!

The eXp Realty Business Model

A synergistic model that is build on innovation and synergy. The model makes every Realtor an owner from the beginning with no limitations and world class support. Unleash your freedom to grow and expand while having the full support of the brokerage with you.

Free Solutions With eXp

The best tools and services to grow a real estate business for FREE

How to Unlock Revenue Share

“The earnings portrayed are not necessarily representative of the income, if any, that an eXp agent can or will earn through his or her participation in the eXp Sustainable Revenue Share plan. These figures should not be considered as guarantees or projections of your actual earnings or profits. Any representation of guarantee of earnings would be misleading. Success with eXp results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence, and leadership. Your success will depend on how effectively you exercise these qualities.”

Example of the Revenue Share Model

Become an eXp Realty Shareholder today! It's easy!

Cost to SWITCH $199 which includes

BONUS: First Month Free + 1000 business cards


Huzefa Burmawala

Cell: (613) 600-6749

Book through online calendar:

Pooled Coverage Level

Health Care Coverage Level

eXp Realty covers you for health benefits


We often get asked these questions, so here's the answers.

Over 80% of realtors at eXp Realty are not attracting. There is no obligation to Recruit. Many realtors prefer achieving the ICON award ($16k stock award), the great tools, 50+ hours of live training, global synergy, and the ability to work from anywhere easily.

EXP is international and the largest residential brokerage in the world by market value with over 60,000+ realtors!

See charts outlined in this infographic to see estimated revenue based on various scenarios.

Via REGUS you get a physical office in many locations in your city. Visit to see all the offices near you. Complimentary coffee, WIFI, and lounge area at all locations in 3000+ locations!

Great, so were we before we joined, is it a bad idea to to be happier?

ICON status gives you $16,000 back in stocks and 100% of your commission with a nominal $75 transaction fee. With cascading revenue share and equity program, you can easily get back the difference to make up for the 100% commission while still enjoying KvCore CRM, Leads, Live Training, etc.

New agents get dedicated mentors and full access to eXp University for daily live training. We offer exceptional resources for new agents and focus on helping new agents reach their fullest potential from the first day!

EXPI is an established publicly traded company on NASDAQ that empowers agents to become owners through an open and transparent cascading revenue share model and equity system with international presence. Income is from services rendered in an established industry via a sustainable growth oriented synergistic model that gives more to the realtors because we are owners too! It's the opposite!

eXp Realty's flexible model allows for teams to grow and expand to not only their local markets but almost all the markets in North America and 13+ countries. You focus on building your brand and building an awesome team, eXp takes care of everything else! This includes liabilities, babysitting, training, intake, regulation, etc.

We have team incentives! If you qualify your team members pay 50% less in brokerage splits, and if you have mega team, then they pay 75% less in splits! Ask for more details!